Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Asana - Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Meditation Music for the Mind
Garudasana better known as the Eagle Pose originated from the word "Garud" meaning the king of birds or the Eagle in Hindu and the word "asana" meaning Yoga Pose. This asana is a standing pose that is used to improve balance, leg muscles, and stretches the shoulders. This asana like many others help calm and relax the mind. This pose is also beneficial for those with asthma, sciatica, or back pains.

How to do the pose:

1st: Stand in Tadasana ( Mountain Pose).
2nd: Take your left arm and cross it with your right arm making sure that the left is in front of the right arm. Keep your right arm in the crook of your left arm.
3rd: Now get the palms of your hands to face each other and have the thumbs facing out.
4th: Slightly Bend your left knee and lift your right leg off the ground still planting left foot firmly on the ground.
5th: Take your right leg and cross your right thigh over your left thigh, then wrap your right foot around your left lower calf.
6th:Make sure that the arms are perpendicular to the floor and hold for 5 breaths.
7th: Go back into Tadasana and repeat with reverse arms and legs.

How Does Garudasana Makes Me Feel?
In this pose my legs feel like they are working hard to balance and bending it makes it all the more strenuous. Since my arms aren't as flexible the lady in my professional picture I had to modify the asana by crossing my arms as much as I could. I was also having difficulty balancing while my foot was trying to hold itself in place on my lower thigh so I didn't cross it for most of the times I was trying it. On my last try though I did manage to get my balance and get my foot behind my lower calf. While in this asana I learned to focus harder because it required a lot of metal focus so that I would balance properly and for 5 breaths. Slowly I am hoping that I will be able to hold this asana with out wobbling and stretch my shoulders more so that they can go into the full shoulder posture. After completing this asana I felt more relaxed and it seemed to ease my stress a little more.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

12:30 Yoga 1 (A) BH
Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

I chose to do my pose in a park because it was empty and calming to be in a place that provided solitude. My picture was taken at night because that was when the park was at it's calmest. Even though I wasn't able to have good visibility I felt like it was okay because I was able to be less distracted to what was around me. I did this asana next in a secluded area of a big open concrete area because it was again quiet and I was able to concentrate on what I was doing. Behind me is a wall with a bush that was used as a barrier for the cliff right over the wall. I thought taking a picture and doing my asana next to a mountain/cliff was both unique and exciting. Eagles live mainly near or on cliffs.